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The best way to prevent long-term and costly problems with your vehicle is to keep up with its preventative maintenance schedule. One major key to successfully making sure you are doing all you need to do is to read your vehicle’s owner’s manual. 

Regardless of your vehicle’s make or model, its owner’s manual will contain a maintenance schedule. The maintenance schedule provided within your owner’s manual is written by the people who understand your vehicle the best… the company that built it. The manufacturer provides suggestions for how often you need to change your oil, fluids, filters, driving belts, timing belts and more.

While some preventative maintenance—such as topping off fluids—can be performed by the vehicle’s owner, other, more complicated procedures should be done by experts like the team at Rick’s Service Center & Towing . Our team can keep your vehicle in top shape by performing the following maintenance:

  • Inspecting and replacing timing belts (preventing damage to other accessories)
  • Inspecting and replacing serpentine belts (preventing damage to other accessories)
  • Checking and changing oil (for more info see Oil Change page)
  • Checking and replacing spark plugs (Tune Up)
  • Cleaning fuel system, a must for direct injection engines (See Below)
  • Replacing fluids, such as transmission fluid, 4-wheel drive components, axle fluid, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid. All fluid flush intervals are outlined in your service manual. (See Below)
  • Checking and replacing your engine air filter, You may need to replace your engine air filter more frequently if you drive in stop-and-go traffic or have a long commute.
  • Checking and replacing cabin air filters: This can keep your car comfortable during the hot summer months. One of the most overlooked maintenance items.
  • Checking and replacing batteries; repairing connection components; keeping terminals clean and protected
  • Tire rotation & balancing: This helps ensure even wear on your tires, which can help prevent blowouts, leaking and uneven wear, and prolong the life of the tires. It also helps make your ride smoother.
  • Wheel alignment: This helps with tire wear, and overall control and stability of your vehicle. (For more information see Alignments page.)

By following your vehicle’s owner’s manual and having your vehicle inspected and maintained regularly, you can greatly reduce problems and save money in the long run. Let the expert team at Rick’s Service Center & Towing help your vehicle stay in good condition. 

At EVERY oil change, we will check for any and all preventative maintenance items and give you a warning of when they are coming up with an expected price of each service.

Featuring our Wynn’s Preventative Maintenance Products, we offer every service that your maintenance schedule calls for. Wynn’s heritage of automotive excellence dates back to 1939 and that leadership continues today with an array of products designed to effectively treat and improve your car’s engine. They remain as relevant today as they were in the humble beginnings of an old one car garage in California so many years ago.

Preventative Maintenance Menu Pricing


Cooling System Flush  $129.00

Using our Wynn’s cooling system power flush machine, we remove old coolant, flush with Wynn’s Hi-Strength Cooling System Cleaner to break down corrosion and build up, install new coolant with Wynn’s Cooling System Sealant to prevent future corrosion and build up to cooling system components.


Fuel System Clean (Standard Injection)$139.00

Fuel System Clean (Direct Injection G.D.I.)$169.00

Using our Wynn’s 3-Step Fuel System Clean, we clean the intake, injection ports, combustion chamber.


Automatic Transmission Flush (Synthetic)$259.00

Manual Transmission Flush (Synthetic)$139.00

Using our Wynn’s Transmission Power Flush Machine; we remove old fluid, flush with Wynn’s Transmission System Cleaner to remove varnish deposits and clean all internal transmission components; and install new full synthetic Transmission Fluid with Wynn’s Premium Transmission System Treatment additive to protect from leaks from seals and gaskets, prevent varnish formation and oxidation, reduce wear and corrosion to you transmission. 


Transfer Case Fluid Exchange (Synthetic)$99.95

Front Differential Service (Synthetic)$139.00

Rear Differential Service (Synthetic)$139.00

Using our Wynn’s Gear Oil Fluid Exchange Machine, we power evacuate old gear oil, flush with a quart of new gear oil to remove build up caught within gears, install new full synthetic gear oil per vehicle manufacturer’s specification (to determine correct weight and capacity).


Power Steering System Flush$89.95

Using our Wynn’s Power Steering Flush Machine and Wynn’s Flush kits tailored to your specific make and model, we flush out all fluid with Wynn’s System Cleaner, add new fluid with Wynn’s Steering System Conditioner to prevent leaks and noise.


Brake System Flush$99.95

Using our Mity-Vac Extract and Bleed System, we evacuate all brake fluid from brake system, add new fluid and bleed the system to rid of air in lines and old fluid left inside the lines.


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